NDE’s, psychic connection & energy

Hello everyone!

Over the last few decades more and more people are talking about experiences that have been called “Near Death Experiences” (or NDE’s). So much so, that when I queried simply NDE in Google, I got many websites/blogs that showed articles, bloggers among them, that have addressed the issue themselves.


Decades prior, discussions formed around three other letters: ESP, Extrasensory Perception, a term that has fallen by the wayside as we move forward. While ESP has been explored and the skeptics have stepped up and been counted, enough so that those having experienced ESP chose to keep quiet or talk in whispers among like-minded individuals. Why continue to face negative feedback from an avalanche of non-believers? Why actively push against the tide that comes at you unabated?

Widespread Evidence

Yet, NDE’s haven’t met that kind of scrunity. Perhaps because the evidence is far more convincing, more widespread without outside influences, and those reporting these incidents are credentialled experts in a field, normally one from medicine.

What I wanted to broach with you here is the idea that both of these ideas have a thing in common: energy.

Life Giving Energy

Energy brings us life, energy brings life to every living thing. As I watch out my window to witness a flock of small birds murmurating from north to south in wide looping circles, I’ve said that they are exercising, but in the grander scheme of things: its is energy that brings them life and allows them to flap their wings and fly in an otherwise calm environment. Without a gust to help them get aloft, the birds wouldn’t be able to gain any altitude without flapping their wings vigorously. They swoop and swirl and climb and descend freely in the air, taking to a branch inevitably to catch their breath.

Its energy that allows a seed to take root and become a tree, and provide the branches for the birds to sit upon. It, too, is very much alive, while it looks as though its widened and sturdy trunk is stationary and unmoving, on a molecular level the tree is as alive as we are. It, too, on occasion, develops a disease and to save its life the offending part must be taken off. It heals, oftten with a scar, to remind us and itself of the journey it has undergone along the way.

The Human Connection

We humans, are energy. Unlike the tree however, we can and do move freely about. We do not find our feet stuck down deep in the soil. We have life, and our movement allows us to live! Just like the tree, it looks solid but it is energy, we look solid but we are energy. Microbiology has shown us that we are energy to the tiniest quark inside an atom. We are made up of trillions of atoms, each one of us, that makes up the bone, muscles, fibers, arteries and veins, neurons and ligaments that we are familiar with.

How does this apply to NDE’s and ESP? We have a physical form, energy coming from each cell. The soul, our individual lifeforce, comes from the center of our physical bodies. NDE’s, when they occur, has shown us that people “leave their bodies” and are often a spectator of the events that are unfolding down beneath them. They are aware that the person they are working on is themselves but they are oddly distanced. There isn’t the panic that a loved one would have if they were to look through a pane of glass only to realize their family member or friend is the one being worked on.

The NDE’s show us that the energy that is our lifeforce is now outside our body, but, we are as whole as we were prior to the surgery/accident/incident. We merely feel no pain, and while experiences can and do vary, the vast majority of these report that they feel only joy, unspeakable joy and a warmth they had never felt before. For those that have undergone a NDE, if they had fear of death prior to the episode, the fear is utterly erased upon awakening.

The energy that allows a person to suddenly be above their own body, is a person’s soul. When God has mentioned that he has created us in his image, he was not referring to a person’s physique, his skin color or his ethnicity. He was speaking of the person’s soul!

Our Soul’s…

Everyone’s soul is a light, a white light, and if you take away the label of color, simply see a light. An orb of light that could be as small as a end of a pin, seen as large as a fifty cent piece or filling a room or area…all of this is YOU! Everything that makes you YOU is within that small dot of light.

God has said in the Bible, “You are the light of the world.” He is speaking of the soul!

Our physical bodies, like the tree, can be sick, injured, or otherwise diseased and remedies are needed to get us back into balance.

There is an entire, vast spectrum of light and energy that we humans are unable to see with the naked eye, or with any known technological means available today. That does not mean that it does not exist. Love exists, you feel it, you know its there but you cannot see it! There is no machine that can detect the amount of love you have for a person, over another person, for example. Yet, it’s tangible in the fact that you feel it. Intuition is also something that people possess, and we feel that, and especially if it is followed, the intuition can and will continue to that person. Intution is energy, energy in thought, sent by God or someone in the spirit world that helps guide you and protect you. You will never, ever be guided into harm’s way by following your “gut” or your intuition. It doesn’t happen that way.

This energy that scientists have been able to see with special cameras have allowed us to become acquainted with aura’s. We all have varying levels of aura’s and for those sensitive enough to see them, can detect colors from others. I once saw my former partner’s aura. She was angry at the time and I saw a pure red color come shooting out of the back of her head (she was seated). These colors are the pure colors that those that have experienced NDE’s speak about. The colors that we humans attempt to replicate are merely that, attempts. They are no match to the real thing.


But, the aura my former partner exhibited was a manifestation of the anger she felt inside. She hadn’t verbally said a thing. She didn’t have to, for I saw how angry she was. “I was so angry I saw red,” you may be familiar with that adage. People that become very angry can and do see red. I’ve only seen red once in my life but I understand the level of anger that a persons feels when they experience this. Do I question its validity? Not at all.

So, all of us are energy packs. Energy begets energy and the more energy you use the more energy you receive and on and on. You must keep moving, the human being is built  to move about and interact with other livings things: other humans, animals, vegetation. All of these things are very much alive and all deserve respect on a mutual basis in order to not only survive but thrive.


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Rant of the Day

Okay, so somehow Trump cajoled the right people to win the Presidency, and we have him seated in the Oval Office. Now what? In one week’s time,​ Trump has done so much damage and even those that voted for him are questioning his motives. Yes, it can be said out loud: President Trump is mentally ill. Even BEFORE he was elected we knew he is a narcissist. Now, he has been given unimaginable power and is rapidly untying all the ends that the Obama Administration had managed to pull together. Decades-long conversations between countries and agreements made that span back to the Vietnam War Era are endangered if not already extinct with his very pointed signature.

Now what?

Half of our Americans, a segment of our society that we work alongside and perhaps even share an evening meal with each night, believed that Trump would remedy the failing system that Obama had overseen. That, for once, the little guy in the very rural communities would be considered.


With the Affordable Care Act nearing the guillotine with no replacement in sight, it will be the rural Americans that feel it the most, and immediately. Small rural hospitals will be impacted as the majority of their patients would not even walk through their doors without the possibility of some sort of insurance offered by the Federal Government.But, that is just one of the growing list of collateral damages that will flow as seamlessly as the XL Pipeline. Has anyone heard of the two major oil spills in Saskatchewan, Ontario where the pipeline originates? Our news media does have its problems…one of which is that it has tunnel vision. It only follows the lead down the street, if it turns a corner…oh well.

So, who can remove Trump from his high throne? I’m surprised that the rather simple chairs haven’t been replaced with gold, as he surrounded himself with in NYC. Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, you two MUST ADMIT that you have a larger problem on your hands than even most people suspect. Who can be the replacement? Pence? Trump this morning bemoaned the fact that after Schwartzenegger took over his Apprentice show the ratings have tanked, Arnold suggested that they change places!!


Of course, from Trump, we will never know the answer to that one.

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What Are You Doing About Climate Change?

In Michigan, here, we have a rather short summer and this year, as predicted, we’re having quite a cooler summer than we’d like to have. Two days, officially hit 90, and July was cooler than JUNE! I guess, when last winter froze the Great Lakes completely (except for Ontario which is the deepest) and people were donning their bikini’s (I kid you not) to swim up to and around ice chunks that hung around until the beginning of May made nationwide news. Heck, this past winter you could walk on Lake Superior’s ice to caves that no one saw inside unless you were in a boat. This year has been a bit odd.

Out west, a good percentage of my family (Canadian – Alberta and British Columbia) haven’t had this kind of heat in God knows when, and the wildfires are erasing the otherwise pristine views of the Canadian Rockies. You can’t seem them for the smoke that hangs in the air like fog…, er, make that smog. It is miserable, I’m sure, for the people that prefer the temperate climate that they are used to. 34 degrees celsius is too hot to enjoy going outside for any length of time!

Climate Change is upon us, like it or not, and political views aside, we have better get our hind-ends prepared. No use talking about it when the water levels are on the rise and the wild temperature fluctuations make us all scratch our heads. Along the Mississippi, and its many tributaries, those that live in those areas should hold sandbag conventions for as many times as they’ve had to do that this past decade alone!

I count myself lucky to be so near so much fresh water. But recent run-off into Lake Erie (affecting Toledo area and the SE corner of Lower Michigan) which is fertilizer from farming acreage that abuts the lake, caused an intense algae bloom which contaminated the water! You couldn’t even boil the stuff to make it safe to drink, it would only make the life-threatening toxins STRONGER. So these people couldn’t drink it, bathe in it, cook with it…NOTHING. A communication breakdown between those in OH and those affected in MI has led to an investigation as it may just happen again this summer. One man who was interviewed said, “You put fertilizer on the plants to make them grow, rain and irrigation takes the run-off to the lake where the fertilizer grows the algae.” Simple. But, it’s putting our lives at risk, big time! That water system does not feed to those in Metro Detroit, but, what about all the OTHER potential algae blooms in this country, and around the world, from fertilizer run-off that can contaminate and KILL those people that don’t get the word quick enough?

We’re all in this together and we have to right the ship because, we’re taking on water, metaphorically. Every hole has to be plugged and that takes into account a lot of details, from many directions, and coordination of these things has to be done. Not talking heads, but real roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty kind of problem solving.

I heed the warnings of those that know better than I, and I have stopped using fertilizer on my lawn, for one thing. Who said that a lawn must be devoid of weeds in order to look pristine. Some weeds have beautiful flowers, don’t they? Tall enough in an meadow and you could call them “wildflowers”, not weeds. Am I right? I still use my garbage disposal, that grinds things up and sends that into the water supply, right? If not, where else does it go?

Think about what you’re doing, with every plastic bottle that comes into your hand, every piece of paper you handle and every styrofoam container that holds your carry-out. What you do with it after you’re done with it, does make a real difference…but, ultimately, you decide, don’t you?


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New Beginnings

Ever feel as if you’re spinning your wheels, wanting to get somewhere but you can’t get out of the mud?  Realize that with every moment you can have a new, a fresh beginning.  Every single second allows us the ability to start over, to try again, to pick yourself up after that fall from grace, to stop and think about the situation from the other person’s point of view, to say “I’m sorry”, to ask forgiveness, to forgive yourself, and find yourself loving yourself once again.  Yep, I believe in new beginnings.  Do you?

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I have often wondered just why I’ve been continuously compelled to write, and the topic has never meant a great deal.  I am a lesbian, in a committed relationship with two adult children through her.  Whether I had met her or our paths never were to cross, I believe that I take up the pen (computer nowadays) and jot down an idea, or three, it’s the idea of legacy.  Leaving behind tangible proof of our existence.  To leave behind a mark, literally with ink, of our thoughts, no matter how trivial they may seem to the reader.  To say, “See?  I was here!  What I said, mattered.  What I thought mattered and how I loved mattered.”  That my interaction with others, no matter how fleeting they may have been in this life, they all mattered.  They all had a reason, a purpose to help shape me, and propel me forward through the lessons that I am to learn in this life, at this moment.  I have always wanted to leave a lasting legacy and the writer prays that someone, somewhere reads the words and the reader is touched, or perhaps even changed, for the better, by your influence, no matter how fleeting the contact may be.  Yes, that’s it.  We all want to leave a lasting legacy.


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Flash Fiction Short

My feet are sore, my legs ache and I’m so tired to standing.  The wind is at my back, but the cars pass me and it don’t make no difference.  That wind is biting, like that snake I saw as a kid.  Wow, that was…what, 28 years ago.  Shit, a lot has happened since.  Damn, I have to get some money for some smokes.  All I need is money for some smokes.

A lady stopped for a second, she was pretty, ya know?  In one of them new Cadillacs.  I’ve never been in anything so fancy like that.  She opened her window, just the smallest of cracks and pushed a dollar through.  She thought I got it, but she pushed the gas pedal hard and headed through the light and that’s when I saw everything slow motion.  The money slipped through my fingers and I saw it float in the air, then it hit the ground and a truck for some bakery company drove over it and it was gone.  Only thing I can think is that it got stuck up underneath or on the tire.  The road’s been wet.  Yeah, that has to be it.  My Ma would have said, “Easy come, easy go!”  I loved her, ya know?

It’s been different since she went to Heaven.  No one wants me around anymore.  I think I’m a good person, but, I can’t get a job.  No one wants me because I’m retarded.  I like my smokes, though, and they like me.

I’m cold.  It’s been raining so long now, I’m soaked right through.  Wish I had good socks.  The shelter I stay at once in awhile gives me fresh socks but, today it wouldn’t make any difference, fresh or not.  I don’t like the rain but Ma said it was always a good thing, for the flowers and stuff.  Still, I don’t like it.  I just wish I had money for my smokes.

(c) 2014




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Taking Flight

Once in awhile I put pen to paper and a poem pops out.  This came to me this night and I thought I would share.  If you like it, please

take a moment to give me a comment…a critique, if you want.  🙂  I appreciate constructive criticism but please note, my poems aren’t meant to be grammatically correct, they just are.  That’s all.  Enjoy!

~Taking Flight~

On gossamer wings she flew

To sit down beside you

She smiled and whispered your name

And You were never the same

That Friday night

An incredible sight

A light cloud of fairy dust

And a generous dose of wanderlust

You took the hand she offered

And I saw you take flight

Not in your physical form

But in the most gorgeous light

I could only smile, your journey complete

I turned away, certain that again we would meet

Like a person in the next room

I knew I would see you again soon.

Loretta M. Miller © 2014

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